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At the RCE Group, we believe that we, as a society are at a defining point in time; a time that future generations shall look back on with admiration and be inspired to create an even greater future. The strong RCE Family is a learning community with ignited minds and a passionate commitment for a common purpose. Through Education, we seek to build bridges and replace empty minds with open ones by nurturing a spirit of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership among students.
Institution under the RCE group are a unique combination of traditional academic values and contemporary academic agendas. Our growing reputation is built on our recognized academic quality, commitment, accountability and integrity. Preparing the students into confident, enterprising and wholesome personalities who can face the stark realities of life and equipping them with employability is the primary focus. They imbibe a culture of innovation to confront and overcome competitive threats.
Having cognizance of our social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it, we see ourselves as social entrepreneurs. We aspire to be not only the leading educationists who have an edge over others but consider ‘Education as the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ The driving force of our Chairman has been so infused in the members of the RCE Family that they are highly motivated to follow his footsteps and walk the road of self-transcendence where they compete not with others but with their previous achievements, exploring the perpetual possibilities in life

Director's Message

Welcome to Ramshobha College of Education,that is committed to Provide the best possible solution to meet the diverse needs of students With various life challenges and circumstances.Keeping up with the Educational environment in a fast-developing country requires new Understandings and strategies. Over the years education has undergone Tremendous change. Technology hasbecome an integral part of this Changingprocess,sometimes changingwith it, andat other times Causingthis change. This has made us realize that transaction of Curriculum and educational technology also needs to be updated with the changing times. Co-educational environment reflects the world in which our pupil teachers will one day live and work throughout length and breadth of India. Beyond mastering academic disciplines, students at collegeare taught to respect people and property, to be honest with themselves and others, put forth maximum efforts, and seek ways to support their surroundings.
We strive to provide knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and beliefs that are essential for a productive and successful life. We sincerely believe in inclusive education. We also believe that we can develop in each student, the desire to know, to understand and use information as a means to become self-sufficient, responsible, and productive citizens for an ever changing and diverse society. Our community outreach program makes our students aware about the social needs of the different sections of the society.
Education is a lifelong process which is to be nurtured with attention, motivation and care. It must be built on a firm and broad foundation for pupil teachers to excel in all walks of life. Our aim is to prepare teacher educators with the cognitively stimulating learning which is based on experiential learning and problem-solving methodology that’s necessary to meet the challengesacademically as well as professionally. We encourage our students to believe in their capabilities and their strength. The vision of Ramshobha College of Education is not just imparting education to the pupils who pass through these walls but to lead them on a path illuminated by diverse skills, an indomitable spirit of inquiry and curiosity, and an unquenchable thirst to not just improve the quality of their own lives but to reach for greater goals of social upliftment.

We also strongly believe that transparent communication between home and college always creates an atmosphere for promoting excellence in teaching that results in higher academic achievement, and enables children to realize their full potential. Together we are creating anenvironment to learn and growglobally.As your Director, I would like to personally welcome you to our family. On behalf of the Ramshobha College of Education family, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for selecting us as a solution for your child’slife long journey of education.

With best wishes to all.
Mr. SnehNaman

Principal's Message

“The destiny of India is now being shaped in her classrooms. This, we believe, is no mere rhetoric. In a world based on science and Technology, It is education that determines the level of prosperity, Welfare and security of the people.”Kothari Commission report

(1964-66).since its very inception, RAMSHOBHA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION has followed a vision that is dynamic, versatile, and expansive. Named after the visionary educationist, Sri Ramshobha Singh, the institute follows the path illuminated by his long-standing struggle to liberate education from being an inaccessible luxury of the privileged few, and turn it into a true fundamental right. It is a constant endeavor to not just impart education to the pupils who pass through these walls but to lead them on a path illuminated by diverse skills, an indomitable spirit of inquiry and curiosity, and an unquenchable thirst to not just improve the quality of their own lives but to reach for greater goals of social upliftment. Teaching is a noble profession and a teacher has the responsibility of shaping the future of the country by guiding and channelizing the energies of youth of country in the right direction and in right manner.

We believe competencies, skills, qualitative output of teachers depend on the qualitative cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains input they receive at teacher training programme they undergo at various teacher training institutions (TTI).We constantly endeavor to intense the same winning spirit in all our present students and alumni. We believe in the dictum that education should modify the behavior, personality and help the students imbibe human values.
With the sole objective of meeting the long felt needs to prepare ‘teachers for next generation’and to bring the weaker sections of the society, ST’s, SC’s and minorities into the national mainstream. RCE is striving hard to provide quality education utilizing the latest ICT in real classroom teaching which would enable the students to face all challenges in life. The institution offers world class infrastructure, dedicated faculty, an inspiring atmosphere for professional education, knowledge expansion and planning career achievements.I wish all our prospective teachers to imbibe our ethos and reinvent their approach to teaching learning process. I wish the best of fortune, peace and prosperity to all those who contribute to the noble task of spreading education and its manifest qualities, aims and objectives of NEP 2020.
Best wishes and blessings.
Dr. Jyoti Walia

About RCE

Ramshobha College Of Education (RCE) located at Bankheta , P.O. Chuttupalu, District - Ramgarh is run and managed by Ramshobha Educational Welfare Trust . The college has been established in the year 2014. The college could be reached from N.H.33 highway (near Ormanjhi Toll-Plaza) which leads to Ranchi-Ramgarh Express Highway Road.

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