Ramshobha College of Education
(Run and Managed Under Ramshobha Educational Welfare Trust)
(Recognised by NCTE Bhubaneshwar & Affiliated to Vinoba Bhave University , Hazaribagh)

Mission & Vission


Since its very inception, RAMSHOBHA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION has followed a vision that is dynamic, versatile, and expansive. Named after the visionary educationist, Sri Ramshobha Singh, the institute follows the path illuminated by his long-standing struggle to liberate education from being an inaccessible luxury of the privileged few, and turn it into a true fundamentalRight. It is a constant endeavour to not just impart education to the pupils who pass through these walls but to lead them on a path illuminated by diverse skills, an indomitable spirit of inquiry and curiosity, and an unquenchable thirst to not just improve the quality of their own lives but to reach for greater goals of social upliftment. The focus of learning at RAMSHOBHA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION lies in creating successful individuals who better their lives and societies, but the aim is higher, it is to redefine the very meaning of how learning for one, can bring about learning for all.


  1. To make education accessible to all irrespective of socio-cultural barriers, surpassing them in the spirit of collective learning and growth.
  2. To create opportunities for global standard platforms and be an enabling agent in the path of creating self-reliant individuals.
  3. To impart a fresh lease of life on changing modicum of evolved pedagogies, in order to create citizens of tomorrow.
  4. To assist in overall awareness of social responsibilities, inculcate respect for creating meta-valent forms of learning, and increase the participation and representation of marginalized groups and factions of the surrounding geographies.

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